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Alex Mecum is a six-foot hunk with perfectly proportioned muscles and in all the right places. Alex has brown hair, bright blue eyes, and he is versatile with a thick, eight and a half inch cut cock, and a nice set of big balls.
He has starred in thirty-six gay porn movies for, and he was the star of the ‘Captain America: A Gay XXX Parody,’ movies. This is a superhero set of movies where Alex, as Captain America, has sex with: Jay Roberts, Black Panther, Paddy O’Brian, and XL.

Brandon Cody is one of the new gay porn men, all exclusive stars to this adult gay paysite, and this is his fourth gay porn vid for them. His last two movies for them have been, ‘Fire Island Fuckfest’ parts 1 and 3, where he has hot sex with Roman Todd, and Colby Keller. In his first movie, he gets to fuck Johnny Rapid’s famous ass, in, ‘A Tale Of 2 Pornstars.’
Brandon is a good looking young guy with a strong swimmer’s body and a light sprinkling of fuzz on his firm chest. He is six feet tall with brown hair, hazel eyes, and he is a top with a six-inch cut dick.

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Brandon Cody has gone to see a medium, played by Alex Mecum so that he can get in contact with his ex-girlfriend. Alex is a phoney and only wants to get into Brandon’s pants. (Don’t we all?) He sits down on a chair and pretends to Brandon that he has managed to get in contact with Tonya. Brandon is slightly sceptical about it all but is happy enough to take his pants off, when Alex tells him that that is what Tonya wants. Just to make sure that Brandon is feeling comfortable about it all, Alex takes his pants off too.

Alex sits down next to Brandon on the couch, his cock is rock hard, and then he tells Brandon that he has to kiss him, and then he tells him that Tonya wants Brandon to fuck Alex’ tight asshole. Brandon has never been with a guy before, but that doesn’t stop his dick from getting rock hard. They get naked, and Alex sits astride one of Brandon’s thighs, and as he kisses him, he starts humping his leg like a dog on heat.

Alex slides down Brandon’s hot body, and as he does so, he kisses those small dark nipples and carries on down. He sinks down to his knees and takes Brandon’s straight-boy dick into his hot mouth. Brandon, like all straight guys, can’t believe how good another guy’s mouth feels on his cock, He groans with pleasure, and when Alex sucks on his balls, he can hardly contain his excitement.
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Alex’ ass starts to feel an itch, and it must be seen to, right here, right now. He lies down on his back on the couch, and as he brings his knees up to his chest, and spreads his legs, Brandon goes in for the kill. He grabs his condom covered dick, and as he aims it right at that puckered up asshole, he thrusts his weapon in, and stabs it right between Alex’s butt cheeks, and slides his cock right in.
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Alex moans out loud with that cock in his ass, and Brandon fucks him hard and fast. They fuck in all kinds of amazing positions, and the camera really gets in close as Alex sits on top of Brandon’s cock and bounces on his big young balls.

As Alex rides Brandon Cody’s cock, his own cock throbs, and his cum shoots out over Brandon’s hot body. Brandon still isn’t finished though. He gets Alex Mecum onto his hands and knees, and he fucks him faster than a runaway train. Time and time again, he thrusts his man-meat deep into that hole. Alex can’t stop grunting with desire, and as Brandon pulls his cock out of that fucked hole, his cum sprays out all over Alex’ arched back, and over his fucked ass.
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